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The year is 20XX.

The earth, devastated by the great war caused by humanity, has become a desert.

You are investigators traveling through a devastated world.

You are tasked with finding a new source of life in a devastated world.


After completing your investigation, you have returned to the base camp where the oasis is located.

At the base camp, there are android that resemble humans.

The android is in charge of guarding the base camp. 

There are many dangers around the base camp.

The android predicts crises such as bombs, missiles, and monsters, and handles them at the appropriate time.

Just as you were about to relax and relieve the fatigue of your investigation, an emergency occurred.

Suddenly, the android develops a bug and starts acting strangely.

Yes, it means that Android's automatic control function has stopped working.


Can you overcome this emergency and safely protect the androids and yourself?



Thursday 4th July 2024 

10:00-10:45 / 11:00-11:45 / 12:00-12:45 / 13:00-13:45 / 14:00-14:45 / 15:00-15:45 / 16:00-16:45 / 17:00-17:45


Friday 5th July 2024 

10:00-10:45 / 11:00-11:45 / 12:00-12:45 / 13:00-13:45 / 14:00-14:45 / 15:00-15:45 / 16:00-16:45 / 17:00-17:45 / 18:00-18:45


Saturday 6th July 2024 

10:00-10:45 / 11:00-11:45 / 12:00-12:45 / 13:00-13:45 / 14:00-14:45 / 15:00-15:45 / 16:00-16:45 / 17:00-17:45


Sunday 7th July 2024 

10:00-10:45 / 11:00-11:45 / 12:00-12:45 / 13:00-13:45 / 14:00-14:45 / 15:00-15:45 / 16:00-16:45 / 17:00-17:45 / 18:00-18:45

VENUEClin d'Oeil Village 《escape game》


DURATION (1 PLAY)45 minutes

NUMBER OF PLAYERS1 group with a maximum of 6 persons. (Depending on the registration you may not be in the same group as your friends) 


・People who bought Festival Clin d'Oeil tickets "PASS Festival" or "PASS Village".

​・People with “PASS Staff'”or “PASS Volunteer” status.

・Those who can understand International Sign.

・Photos and videos will be taken during the session.

・Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the show starts. If you are late for the start of the performance, you will not be allowed to participate. 


Welcome to Mystery Town.
We have set up puzzles in international sign throughout the town.
You will go on journey as you solve the puzzle one by one. 
Where will you end up

Let’s go on a mystery solving journey!



Thursday 4th July 2024 ー Sunday 7th July 2024 

VENUEClin d'Oeil Village 《escape game》.


DURATION (1 PLAY):30 minutes - 2 hours



・This is a riddle-solving game in which you solve the riddles in the kit.

・There is no need to actually walk around the city. You can solve it anywhere.

・You must use your own smartphone or tablet.

・This puzzle-solving game is produced in International Sign Language.

If you don't understand International Sign Language, please ask someone who does.

・This game can only be played once.Please do not reuse the game.

Card game“Sign Fictionary”!On Sale!

Whether you’re a sign language expert or discovering it for the first time, Sign Fictionary gives you the ability to use your hands and eyes to craft words, broadening the way you play!


Price: 25

Number of Players: 2-6

Recommended Play Time: 30 minutes

Recommended Age Range: 5 and up

Publisher: IGENGOLab.

A world of language conveyed through the body is filled with memories and history. Discover a new world from within you by exposing yourself to a language woven into history.


Those who are unfamiliar with Japanese sign language can practice memorizing them by using the cards to guess the signs. Once you have a wider vocabulary, see who can guess the signs the fastest!

For seasoned signers, you’re out of the game if they reveal the correct sign on the cards. Think of a new sign and do your best to win the title of Sign Invention Master!


・Image Card x32   

・Theme Card x6    

・Doubt Card x6     

・Word List x6 Cards 

・Chips (5 Points x10, 1 Point x30) 

・Whiteboard Marker x1  

・Instructions x2  

・Japanese to English translations of Image Cards, Theme Cards and Instructions (English) x1  

What's IGENGO Lab. ?

IGENGO Lab. is a Deaf lead group that offers the society an experience-based entertainment.

Our mission is to “create a world where being different can be enjoyed”. 

We   developed   an   “Inter-lingual  Escape  Game”   that   incorporated   sign languages, written texts, and gestures in the mystery solving game. 

The purpose of the game is for both Deaf and hearing participants to cooperate and to solve for the many mysteries that include the features of sign language and spoken language. 

By experiencing the game, people from different language and culture can interact and the participants can think more deeply about the true nature of communication.

This  can  lead  to  the  development  of  people  with  deeper  understanding  of diversity and people with the ability to apply their experience for more accessible communication in the society.

By putting the participants in an unknown world of sign language, the participants can experience many emotions, such as not being able to communicate well, the feeling of joy when they were able to communicate, and the feeling of uncertainty in a world that they are not familiar with.

Inter-lingual  Escape Game  is a unique game that can change something “unknown” to something “familiar”. We are currently developing an inter-lingual escape game that can be enjoyed by people from all over the world.

We believe that our work can help to accelerate the global understanding for adiverse society.

We are making the project of new escape game  with  International  Sign, playing with the world deaf and hearing people.

International Sign is not a sign language, but a kind of pidgin language based on the   signs   of   different   countries   (a   contact   language   created   naturally   with interchangeable alternative words to communicate between different languages

between locals who speak the local language and traders who do not speak the local language but a foreign language. It is formed as a means of intergroup communication when two or more groups without a common language encounter each other), but in the Deaf world, events and meetings that bring together the whole world are often conducted via international sign language.

It is said that visual languages are easier to learn than spoken languages, which are more difficult to learn, and that a person who has mastered a sign language can communicate with almost anyone, except for abstract concepts, within a month.  

By   creating   an   interactive   theatre   using   an International Sign that brings different languages closer together, we hope

to spread the appeal of sign languages to the rest of the world, not only in Japan but also in other countries.

Through these experiential theatre performances, we aim to bring to the world the possibilities of sign language and the ideas, art and new approaches that arise from sign language.

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