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About us

IGENGOLab. (異言語Lab.) is a group with 70% of the members are Deaf (who use sign languages as communication) and 30% are  hearing.  Our group’s primary language is sign languages, Japanese Sign Language (JSL).  We treat deafness as a "difference" rather than an “inability".  IGENGOLab. believes that there is something that can be created from such difference, creating a “world where you can enjoy being different".


By providing a place where people with different languages ​​and cultures can engage, we will create an opportunity to think deeply about the "essence of communication" that is usually overlooked.

Main Activities

1. Development, planning and provision of “Interlingual escape game”,Immersive theatre experience-based entertainment using sign language and visual body language

2. Development and provision of communication tool kits

3. Public relations activities related to this corporation

4. Planning and holding workshops on sign language and visual and physical language

5. Business incidental to or related to each of the preceding items

About Interlingual escape game

Recently, the role playing  entertainment market, such as “mystery solving game" , has grown rapidly. IGENGOLab. created invented an "Interlingual Escape Game " by incorporating sign language, written conversation, gestures, voice, etc. into the puzzle-solving game.

It is a new experience that deaf people and hearing people participate in the game together and help each other to solve many mysteries that interweave Japanese Sign Language and Japanese (spoken).

It is a completely new “uncommon experience" game that has never been seen before.


We will deliver the best content to you who is looking for an engaging experience in a world where you can enjoy the “difference”.


-Content production / Provision

Kyoto International Film and Art Festival "Graduation from Junfu University-SDGs Version-"

Okinawa International Movie Festival "Mystery of the Hidden Treasure Sleeping in the Blue Sea-Meeting of the Moonlit Night-"

NHK "Different Language Escape Game ONTV" Mystery Solving Drama L Invitation Card "

National Institute for Japanese Language and Language, dialect version of the foreign language escape game "Spinning Things-Uncle and Aunt and My Story"


-Provision to in-house training, local government events, and educational institutions


UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd., Canon Inc., NTT Group,

Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture,

Komaba High School attached to Tsukuba University, Okazaki Junior High School, Aichi University of Education



If you are interested in IGENGOLab., please contact us.


IGENGOLab.   E-mail

Media Broadcastig Information

NHK WORLD "The Signs", an informative documentary program that introduces the changes and new initiatives during COVID-19 as signs for the future of society, featured the activities of the iGENGO Lab..
Through the works and interviews of creator Natsumi Wada, we are hope to covey to the world the richness of the world of sign language.
This archive is available free of charge for one year.

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